We believe a stronger community happens when everyone has what it takes to thrive. That's why we provide access to food, medical equipment, and more. Together, we can build a healthier community. Join us to change lives for the better.

Over 14,000 people each year receive groceries from the food pantry.

Make a financial gift and make a difference to someone in need.

Over 4,500 pieces of medical equipment have been distributed.

Volunteers give 1,400 hours monthly making our services possible.

“Thank you so much for everything. God has blessed me by bringing you all into my life.”

– A long time Family Network of Wyoming volunteer

They have a food pantry open Monday and Wednesday’s.

I became acquainted with them when my father had surgery and insurance wouldn’t cover to get him a knee scooter and shower chair (temporarily). They had what we needed, and loaned it for free (they accept donations, and we were more than happy to give.) Everyone was so kind and helpful.

I was told that they offer job placement assistance, and was given a tour of the food pantry, which was fully stocked with delicious fresh fruits and vegetable, yummy looking cheeses, and so many different kinds of meats and canned veggies too.

They told me that they are always looking for more donations of medical equipment, knees scooters and wheel chairs with legs. Since, all of their free loan-able equipment is donated to them.

I had no idea that this place even existed before my father needed them, but they were quick to respond to our needs, and all the other people that were there for various other things. And to think, as busy as they were, they put up with my very chatty father, who wanted to know all about them.    – A Family Network of Wyoming Client

“Thank you for partnering with us on our corporate nationwide food drive campaign. (1500 pounds of food collected.) Thank you for all the work you do in our community.”

– A Family Network of Wyoming business partner

“The food pantry saved my life. My mother used to come into the pantry, years ago. My father had died a while back. She’d been very low for a long time. Once she began to go to the pantry her entire attitude was lifted. Her smile came back. She talked about the care and the people at the pantry. They made her feel like family.

… I hit a rough patch in my own life, and was assigned community service. I asked to be assigned to Family Network. That was 8 years ago. After completing my assigned hours, I became a volunteer. We are like family, and I like to be part of something good.” – Family Network of Wyoming volunteer

“The gluten free diet is very expensive. You have made it possible for me to eat healthy and to stay on budget. Thank you!”

– A Family Network of Wyoming education class participant

“It is with grateful hearts we write to express our sincere gratitude for what you’ve done to help give my son more mobility and a better night’s sleep. At this point quality of life means so much. The power chair has greatly improved Chip’s ability to interact with the rest of the family. God’s blessings to you all.” – Trent & Glenda, Family Network of Wyoming clients

“We thank every one and all the volunteers at Family Network for all you have done for us. Everything has been greatly appreciated.”

– A Family Network of Wyoming service recipient

“My daughter-in-law, Mae, was diagnosed with Lyme disease about one year ago. She had been sick for a long time before that, but had no answers as to what was wrong. Last year they began treatment for Lyme disease, but instead of getting better she became worse and it progressed quickly. She began to have seizures and in a matter of days had lost all ability to walk and feel from her waist down. We felt we were slowly watching her die. The doctors here did not seem to understand what was happening, so we took her to a new doctor in Idaho where she began to slowly improve.

We received a wheelchair for Mae, but it was very hard for her to wheel herself around as it took so much energy that she didn’t have. A friend of mine contacted FNW about getting a power chair for Mae. He set her up with a chair and it has been a huge blessing! My son and her can now go on walks and be side by side.

Before this disease took over her life, I had no idea what it is like to live in a world where so much is missed by people with disabilities. This has made her life better.” – Deb, a Family Network of Wyoming client