Additional Services

Christmas Store

The Christmas store occurs the first week of every December at Grace Reformed Church, located on Burlingame Ave. The store is open for local families in need to shop for Christmas gifts at discounted prices. Gift wrapping is provided by our volunteers on site. To qualify, an individual must have a child age 15 or younger and have visited Family Network’s food pantry at least three times in the past 12 months. Shopping times will be assigned for each individual. Please call 616-885-9919 for further details or questions. Registration begins early October and ends the first week of November.

In addition, in partner with Grace Reformed Church we host a different Christmas Store at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, where any leftover gifts are available for sick children to shop for their families.

Food Trucks

We partner with local churches and coordinate with Feeding America to provide food to those in need during hours our food pantry isn’t open and to provide additional support to those in need.

o – First Thursday of the month:  Wesley Park United Methodist Church

o – Second Thursday of the month:   Beverly Reformed Church

o – Fourth Thursday of the month:   Calvary Christian Reformed Church

o – Fifth Thursday of the month (when applicable):   St. John Vianney Catholic Church