Additional Services

NOW Program

In addition to our pantry, we partner with Access of West Michigan and Spectrum Health’s Healthier Communities to provide Nutrition Options on Wellness (NOW). NOW is a two year program that specializes in educating those with health conditions on how to eat in conjunction with wellness. With a doctor’s referral, participants attend classes on special diets, how to eat on a budget, and food disease interaction. NOW provides healthy, fresh food that participants might not otherwise have readily available for them.

Christmas Store

The first Saturday in December we help to bring Christmas to 600 children by inviting local families to come and shop at our Christmas store at discounted prices.  Our volunteers help out by carrying packages and wrapping gifts while parents select the perfect gifts for their children.

Job Skills Classes

We work with our community members to hone skills needed for job interviews and job placement.

Food Trucks

We work in coordination with Feeding America to provide food to those in need during hours our food pantry isn’t open and to provide additional support to those in need.